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G&G Construction is looking for focussed, driven, and hardworking people to join our team. Attention to detail and dedication are at the core of our values. We continue to set high standards for our projects and team.

We require 5+ years exp. for all tradesmen
We require 2+ years exp. for apprentices.


  1. Diligence and timeliness
    • We are schedule oriented, priding ourselves on completing all jobs on time.
    • We want people who are in for the long haul: for a career, not a hobby.
  2. Accuracy
    • We choose quality over quantity without exception. We expect a perfect job – every time.
  3. Pride
    • Take pride in your work be proud of what you build.
    • You spend ½ your time working, enjoy it to master it.
  4. Initiative
    • G&G Construction has built its reputation on going the extra mile, and on doing what it takes to get the job done right. We commit to each project to ensure the success of our project for our client and their clients in turn.


  1. Consistency – We will keep you very busy, and overtime is always available.
  2. Respect – from us, your peers, and from our clients – the foreman to the homeowner.
  3. Benefits – Plans for long term employees.
  4. Bonuses – Profit sharing and bonuses.

We have working sites all over the Lower Mainland year-round.

Send in your resume, a brief summary of your last few jobs, or give us a call.